What is quality dialogue? It is based in a desire to inquire, as well as to advocate, and a big part of inquiry is listening. As Steven Covey advises, “Seek first to understand.”

In addition to genuine curiosity, dialogue is based on a willingness to share honestly about ourselves. Our personal experiences shape our understanding of the world, and in particular our understanding of Pleasanton schools and the educational system in California.

To allow quality dialogue to emerge here at Educate Pleasanton, there are some ground rules:

  1. Identify yourself. Commenters will need to provide at least their real first name, and their email address. Individuals who have not commented before on this blog will have comments moderated. One anonymous comment will be approved, but a pattern of anonymous comments will not.
  2. be respectful. There’s a difference between saying that you disagree and saying that another person is stupid, lying, or out to get somebody. This is a place where disagreement is encouraged, but ad hominem attacks will not be tolerated.
  3. ask questions, of yourself and of others. This is not a soapbox — it is not just a place to advocate for your point of view. It is also a place for listening and reading carefully, so that we can learn from one another.

To be clear, I (Sandy Piderit) am the editor of this site and I reserve the right to delete any comments that I consider inappropriate. If it becomes apparent that my investment of time in moderating this website is not resulting in genuine dialogue, I reserve the right to shut down this site.

Don’t like those ground rules? There are several other ways to comment online about education issues in Pleasanton, although in my opinion, the quality of dialogue is low on other websites. Still, if you wish to comment online and are not comfortable with the ground rules for dialogue here, you might want to check out:

  • the Pleasanton Patch permits commenting on their articles and on blogs written by individual members of the community. Commenters are asked to use their name rather than a “handle”. All commenters must register an account with the Patch, so the editor has access to commenters’ email addresses.

  • the Bay Area News Group allows readers to comment on articles, but requires those commenters to have a Facebook account. Those who wish to discuss the articles anonymously can do so in a forum, but comments in the forum do not appear at the bottom of news articles.

  • the Pleasanton Weekly allows readers to comment through the Town Square forums, and does not require commenters to register or to use a name rather than a “handle”. Editors can still identify commenters by their IP address, and will delete comments from a single IP address on a single thread that use different “handles”.

I hope you will give Education Pleasanton a try — join in the dialogue!


One response to “Dialogue”

  1. Cynthia says :

    Hello – I was happy to find this website. I have an 8th grader in the Pleasanton public school system, and over the weekend we received a letter from Amador Valley HS stating that all of the students who signed up for a 7 period day have to drop an elective (foreign language, science, or music – yes, science is an elective). This is very disappointing and will harm academic progress for so many students. I am trying to work with AVHS to see whether, for example, physical education can be completed as a self-study course or through another venue such as community college, with no success so far. I would be very interested to hear how other families are addressing this kind of issue, and whether anyone can offer any advice. Thank you for any thoughts you can share.

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