on the agenda for Sept 13 2011

The agenda for next Tuesday’s meeting of the Pleasanton Unified School District school board has been posted online. (PDF)

Items for report and discussion:

  • current student enrollment
  • district’s experience with cash-out refinancings
  • My note: This will be the final report to the board regarding the work of the citizens committee that examined the refinancings carried out by the school district. I wrote about the first report that the report received in July in this post on sources of community mistrust for the school district. I expect this part of the meeting to be the most interesting!

Items for possible action:

  • approving donations
  • amending the superintendent’s contract
  • My note: In the board packet, part 1, the purpose of this amendment is to make it easier to factor in concessions of unpaid furlough days.

  • approving unaudited financial statements
  • Gann appropriations limit
  • sufficiency of K-12 textbooks and 9-12 instructional materials (science laboratories)
  • resolution regarding AB 114
  • My note: The resolution, included in part 2 of the board packet, respectfully requests that the legislature and governor immediately restore the decision making and budgetary flexibility that educational agencies need to deal with midyear budget cuts, should they occur.

  • personnel document

The full board packet is available in two parts (PDF part 1; PDF part 2). Part 1 includes the minutes from the August 4 special board meeting and the August 16 regular board meeting.


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parent, education advocate, and professor

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