May 16 UPDATED: Gov. Brown’s May Revise of proposed CA budget

Back in January, Governor Jerry Brown issued his proposed budget for the state of California. Today, May 16, the governor released his revised budget proposal. (Here is the table of contents, and a link to the PDF.)

I especially encourage Educate Pleasanton readers to review the sections of the May revise that provide an introduction (PDF), and go into depth about K-12 education (PDF).

Here’s an excerpt from the introduction:

The May Revision proposes that the Legislature implement and the voters ratify a plan that preserves core services, including a reduced safety net. Current sales tax and vehicle license fee rates and the dependent credit exemption level would be extended for five years. Given the current revenue situation, the May Revision does not seek a 2011 personal income surcharge, but would reinstate it for the 2012 through 2015 tax years in order to fund core serves. Even with these extensions, State revenues, per $100 of personal income, would remain billions below the average level of the past three decades.

These revenues would be used for two purposes:

  • funding a major realignment of public safety programs. […]
  • protecting education funding. Schools have borne a disproportionate share of past spending cuts. These revenues will allow a reinvestment in education. Even under the May Revision’s increased funding for education, support for schools and community colleges will remain more than $4 billion below the 2007-2008 funding level.

I am reading those PDFs now, and will post again when I have had some opportunity to digest them.

Where to from here?

Now the negotiations begin again between the governor and the members of the state legislature. Two other proposed budget frameworks were announced recently, and will undoubtedly have an influence on negotiations. On May 12, Assemblywoman Conway (R-Tulare) issued a proposal for a no-tax increase state budget, that aims to protect education. That same day, twelve top business groups issued what they call a workout plan to encourage Democrats and Republicans to end the compromise and propose a particular set of principles for the budget and for legislative reform.

To influence Pleasanton’s state legislators, contact them!

Our state representatives are Mary Hayashi and Joan Buchanan.

Our state senator is Ellen Corbett. (Senator Corbett is also a member of the “big 5” since she serves as the Democratic majority leader in the State Senate.)

Let’s open up the dialogue here!

What will you tell legislators about the governor’s May revise? Are there elements of his proposal that you would support or oppose? Why?


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One response to “May 16 UPDATED: Gov. Brown’s May Revise of proposed CA budget”

  1. Joan Laursen says :

    Great post, Sandy! Nice summary of what is currently being circulated as possible solutions. Just a quick note – we actually have 3 state assemblymembers for Pleasanton – Hayashi (18th District), Buchanan (15th District), and Bob Wieckowski (20th District).

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